Class of 1965

Conestoga High School

50th Reunion Photos

Frequently heard comments: "I can't believe it's been fifty years", "Who are all these old people"

In Memorium & old photos poster

John Wenzel and Pete Townsend with the poster that Pete made for us.

April Anderson Jester, JoAnn Pierson Hughes and Margie Voltz Trapnell

George Lovatt, peanut broker, made a generous donation of peanuts for all - appreciatively dubbed 'George's nuts'

Our Teachers

Photos of our teachers from the yearbook

Mariann Paolantonio with Pete Ramsey, our history teacher & track coach.

Mariann Paolantonio with Miss Missimer / Mrs. McQuiston, our (history ?) teacher.

Dr. Ralph Heister, our biology teacher; Mariann Paolantonio, & Pete Ramsey

Pete Ramsay and Pete Tallman


Vivian Carter Butler, Will Larson, Keith Betten, Gloria Conte Lester

Bob DeLaney

Jean Pullan Gaul & husband, Lance Teillon, Howard Hill and Linda Spinelli Hill

Cathy Simon & husband

Roy Wolfe & Dom DiMaio

Susan Piersons Colunio & husband, Rick Sterling, Jim Tifft & wife, George Taylor & wife

Joe Carbo & Linda Marlowe Carbo (a CHS grad)

Jack Wilhelm, J. Woodward, JoAnn Pierson Hughes

Kim Irwin & guest (foreground) Susan Braun (in the background between them)

Susan Ruschhaupt Simon & husband

Judy Schwenk, Pam Clark Zschiesche & husband

John Wenzel, Sandy Parker McAlaine, George Purnell, Howard Hill, Judy Schwenk
background: Ken Brooks & wife, (unknown)

Diane Kohl McNece, Penny Carter Ford

Ed Hess, Pete Townsend

Susan Hayes Purdy & Denna Shubin Stuart
Background left: Doug Purdy & Sandy Parker McAlaine. Right: Georgia Lenfest Armstrong & John McDowell.

Diane Kohl McNece, Kathy Mohn Bennett, and Penny Carter Ford

Sally Smith Nole, Bruce Enders & wife

Ross Unruh & wife, Jim Ford

Dave Swenson, Joe Carbo & wife

Chris Clement & Tonta Stoner

Jon Waller and George (Duke) Deans

Ed Hess, Jim Tifft and Ed Durrell

Ed Hess

Nancy Aikens Rich & husband, Karen Abels Hardeman, Masa Ishii & wife

Jeff Chappelle and George Purnell

John Bush

Susan Hayes Purdy & Denna Shubin Stuart

Gay McBride Arthur, Georgia Lenfest Armstrong & Judy Schwenk

Barry Rank and Ken Brooks

Barry Rank

Cliff Carlson, Dave Swenson, and wives

School lunch ?

Fish sticks + mac & cheese with stewed tomatoes ? Pork & sauerkraut ?

Karen Mason Fruzia (end of the line), Pete Brown & wife, Penny Carter Ford, Ken Phillips

Bill Maxwell, Bill Medlicott ?, Pete Tallman, Jeff Chappelle
Background:Jim Ford, Pleas Geyer, Bob DeLaney, Lance Teillon, Carl Dornseif Gold (light green)

Kathryn Craig & Steven Zabor

Marilyn Marrella Hamilton & Tom Hamilton (CHS64) with John Wenzel

Cynthia Banks Galloway, Ed Durrell, & Mariann Paolantonio

Terry Burnett

Jamie Spencer and Gay McBride Arthur

George Taylor, Judy Schwenk, Jim Lilly, Ed Hess, and Ron Thomas

George Lovatt & wife. George donated our peanuts - note his peanut tie.

Jim Tifft, Paddy Donnelly Garcia (blue & white dress), Susan Hayes Purdy (blocked), Doug Purdy,
Deena Shubin Stuart, Carol Dornseif Gold, John Wenzel

Reunion Dinner

Our master of ceremonies, Jim Ford, leads us in a toast

We are welcomed by our Class President, Jim Tifft

Rev Oliver Dunn offers us some spiritual words and a prayer.

Invocation by Rev George Taylor

Duane Holland was one of our speakers.

Recognition of Veterans (standing)
many more than those in this photo of course.

George Deans, Cokie Oliver Dunn, and Vivian Carter Butler.

Cokie Oliver Dunn, and Cynthia Banks Galloway.

Margie Voltz Trapnell and Sandy Parker McAlaine

Keith Betten

Carol Jobson Swartz, Chris Clement, Tonta Stoner, and Dennis Donato

Dennis Donato and Duane Holland
Foreground: Chip Mueller and Jeff Chappelle

Karen Mason, Jack Wilhelm, and Carol Pusey Williams

Sandy Parker McAlaine, Dale Andree, & Ken Phillips

Sally Smith Nole, Georgia Lenfest Armstrong, Dale Andree & Kim Irwin
Background: George Taylor, Roy Hill, Kathy Mohn Bennett, Barry Rank

Jim Ford and Pleas Geyer

Pleas Geyer, Bob DeLaney & wives

Penny Marshall, Carol Pusey Williams, Gene Williams (CHS grad)

Roy Hill & guest

Will Larson and Bill Medlicott

Joe Carbo & Anne Shinehouse Schwanholt

Jim Tifft, Munch Grogan, John Shain, Rick Sterling

Dave Swenson and Chip Mueller

Chip Mueller and Jeff Chappelle

Kathy Pritchard Culp (best I could find)

Dave Swenson and Joe Carbo
Background: Cliff Carlson

Adele Robbins Warlick & guest, with Carol Pusey Williams

John McDowell

John McDowell and Will Larson share a joke

Jamie Spencer, Candy Sullivan Olson, J. Woodward, Judy Schwenk, Mariann Paolantonio, Lance Teillon, Anne Shinehouse Schwanholt

Mariann Paolantonio and Diane Kohl McNece

Ron Thomas & wife

Carol Jobson Swartz and Chris Clement

Carol Jobson Swartz and Paul Myers

Candy Sullivan Olson, Pam Clark Zschiesche, Jamie Spencer

Jim Ford, Penny Carter Ford, Pete Brown & wife, Dave Swenson
Background: Ken Phillips, Ross Unruh, George Taylor, Karen Mason Fruzia, Ron Thomas

Karen Abels Hardeman

Jean Pullan & husband, Penny Carter, and Jim Lilly

Susan Braun
Background: John McDowell


"No, I'm sure I'm not taller - must be these shoes"

Maybe his ballons got away ?

( caption ? )