Class of 1965

Conestoga High School

1965 Class Directory
This directory includes all the classmate bios that have been submitted and also the contact information for those classmates willing to share.
It is password protected. We sent out the login info to all class members on 7/1/15
August 1, 2016
Of course a year or more later you're not going to remember the login so send me an email - see the Contact Us page, or call us 610-644-3834 Doug & Susan Purdy
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1965 Class List
This list includes not only those who graduated with us but anyone who was in our class at one time or another. Names only, not password protected.
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Missing Classmates
Over the years we've tried to keep track of classmates. Currently we're trying to find everyone for the 50th reunion. Please check this list to see whether you can help 'fill in the blanks' by providing us with any missing information about other classmates. Not password protected.
If you want to help locate a classmate(s) and would like to discuss in more detail what information we have, please us send an email.
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