Conestoga Alumni Supporting Excellence C.A.S.E.

What is C.A.S.E. ?

Conestoga Alumni Supporting Excellence

In the Spring of 2007, as several classmates / alumni of Conestoga H.S. - 1965 were planning a party to celebrate most of us turning 60 years of age, many discussions took place. We began discussing what great times we had during our school years, who had seen who, but also how we felt we had benefited from having gone through such a great school system. Tredyffrin-Easttown and Conestoga were not just your average schools then or now.
One of our group, John Wenzel, suggested that possibly we could keep ourselves and our classmates connected "going forward" if we began to do some things to help others / students in the school district and the community. Sort of a way to "give something back" for what we had received. We thought that we should try to involve more Conestoga alumni than just the class of 1965 in this so we decided that the Class of 1965 would sponsor a new broader organization named ... what ?

We all jumped at the idea and started discussions about C.A.S.E. as soon as the party ended.
Our motto became "Going forward by giving back".
The 'reunion party' in 2007 included golf and the 1st C.A.S.E. golf outing was held in September 2008.

C.A.S.E.. is presently working with other motivated organizations throughout the T-E School District and the surrounding community to help provide funding for key initiatives such as scholarship assistance, tutorial programs, transportation and classroom equipment, to name a few. The primary objective of C.A.S.E. is to raise funds to assist with the financial needs of programs within T-E School District.

Please join us in our quest to keep T-E Schools the best they can be. We need all of our classmates and graduates to step forward with us to help us .make our C.A.S.E.. for the future.

Your friends and classmates,
John Wenzel ... Duane Holland
Doug Purdy ... Kathy (Pritchard) Culp
Mariann Paolantonio ... J C Woodward
Kathy (Mohn) Bennett ... Alan (Pete) Townsend
Jim Ford ... Penny (Carter) Ford
Chuck Wilmot ('64)